Professor Mysterious Custom Development Lab for Fog Machine Fluid and Fog Scent

Sometimes, you have a need that's unique to only you. A fog machine fluid with an uncommonly long hang time, a fog scent no one else could ever possibly want, or even more esoteric needs. Even if the fog products you are currently using are almost there, why settle for "almost"? The benefits of Professor Mysterious' product development and production lab are yours for the asking.

Using expertise earned in nearly a decade of high-volume professional-grade liquid production, and utilizing quality standards developed with years of experience, Professor Mysterious has a dedicated custom development team that can develop and dispense your custom fog machine fluid or custom fog machine scent.

We can create formulations of fog liquid with all degrees of density, dissipation speed, and ingredient requirements. Professor Mysterious can produce virtually any scent of fog you can imagine, from mouth-watering vanilla to gut-wrenching miasma and everything in-between. Our custom development and dispensing doesn't stop with custom fog machine liquid and fog machine scents, either: if you need liquids combined in a precise recipe and dispensed into any sized container, Professor Mysterious' labs can do it for you.

Professor Mysterious Custom Development Lab Equipment for Fog Machine Fluid and Fog Scent

We are experienced in getting products to market quickly, and can dispense in sizes from 1 ml bottles to 150 ml bottles, from 55 gallon drums to 275 gallon IBC totes. Our production space is cavernous and our dispensing areas are flexible and scalable. Make use of our next-generation logistics solutions, and get your custom liquid product quickly and easily. Reorders can even be made online!

Contact us today to see what custom fog juice and fog scents Professor Mysterious can produce for you!