Professor Mysterious Fresh Lemon Fog Scent

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size: 1.13 W × 2.75 H × 1.13 L
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  • Give your fog the clean smell of fresh-squeezed lemons!
  • Perfect for bowling centers, dance halls, skate centers, or anywhere you want a fresh, clean scent for your fog machine.
  • Professor Mysterious fog machine scent contains only the highest-quality RO/DI water and food-grade scents.
  • Available in either 1x concentrate (1 oz scents 4 quarts of fog machine fluid) or economical 2x concentrate (1 oz scents 2 gallons of fog juice!)
  • Water-based solution is safe for use in any commercial fog machine.
  • Surfactant-free! Shake well before use.

Professor Mysterious Fresh Lemon Fog Machine Scent: oh, so fresh and clean! Perfect as a way to make your venue smell squeaky clean, or put people in mind of fresh-squeezed citrus.

Because it's Professor Mysterious, you know it's made with only the highest-quality reverse-osmosis deionized water and food-grade scents, so it's safe for both people and their fog machines. Add a bottle of 1x to scent 4 quarts of fog machine fluid, or a bottle of 2x for a more economical way to scent 2 whole gallons!

A better venue is just a smell away, with Professor Mysterious Fog Scents!

SDS for all Professor Mysterious fog products are available here.

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