Professor Mysterious Creamy Vanilla Fog Scent

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size: 1.13 W × 2.75 H × 1.13 L
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  • Give your fog fluid the soothing aroma of tempting creamy vanilla!
  • Great for clubs, bars, dances, waiting areas, or anywhere you want a luscious, tantalizing fog smell.
  • Professor Mysterious fog machine scent contains only the highest-quality RO/DI water and food-grade scents.
  • Available in either 1x concentrate (1 oz scents 4 quarts of fog machine fluid) or economical 2x concentrate (1 oz scents 2 gallons of fog juice!)
  • Water-based solution is safe for use in any commercial fog machine.
  • Surfactant-free! Shake well before use.

Everyone loves the smell of creamy, rich vanilla, and now it's yours wherever there's fog with Professor Mysterious Creamy Vanilla Fog Machine Scent! No matter whether it's a kids' party, or an adults dance hall, everyone will be led by the nose with this rich, warm aroma.

And it's Professor Mysterious, so you know it's made with only the highest-quality reverse-osmosis deionized water and food-grade scents: safe for people and fog machines alike. Snag a 1x to scent 4 quarts of fog machine fluid, or a 2x for a more economical way to scent 2 whole gallons!

A better event is just a smell away, with Professor Mysterious Fog Scents!

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