Professor Mysterious Gothic Mansion Fog Scent

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size: 1.13 W × 2.75 H × 1.13 L
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  • Give your fog the smell of old leather, spicy incense, dry wood, and rich tobacco.
  • Perfect for your haunted attraction, Halloween party, goth dance club, or anywhere you want to smell darkness.
  • Professor Mysterious fog machine scent contains only the highest-quality RO/DI water and food-grade scents.
  • Available in either 1x concentrate (1 oz scents 4 quarts of fog machine fluid) or economical 2x concentrate (1 oz scents 2 gallons of fog juice!)
  • Water-based solution is safe for use in any commercial fog machine.
  • Surfactant-free! Shake well before use.

Smell is the sense most directly tied to memory; change it, and change all perception. When it's time to turn up the darkness, nothing will stimulate the mind like Professor Mysterious Gothic Mansion Fog Machine Scent. Cracked black leather, layers of incense and spice, wood aching under years of desiccation, the baked-in smell of a thousand smoldering tobacco pipes...your haunt, party, club, or house will never smell the same again.

But Professor Mysterious is benevolent, so you know it's made with only the highest-quality reverse-osmosis deionized water and food-grade scents: safe for both people and, more importantly, their fog machines. Add a bottle of 1x to scent 4 quarts of fog machine fluid, or a bottle of 2x for a more economical way to scent 2 entire gallons.

A spookier venue is just a smell away, with Professor Mysterious Fog Scents!

Note: Due to the powerful scents used in this formula, this fog scent will appear cloudy. This is expected, and will not affect the function of this fog scent, or your fog machine.

SDS for all Professor Mysterious fog products are available here.

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Mansion fog
Written by GLENN KAESTNER on Sep 21st 2021

This fog scent is awesome definable smell the anise in this very halloween!!

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